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My new cartoon is finished!

2016-05-12 19:30:04 by gopherguy

Titled Piracy Is Not a Victimless Crime, it's the story of a boy who develops an addiction to the glue of envelopes after a traumatic experience as a child. Please, watch it, and enjoy.


New Project. PRISM.

2014-05-23 20:23:19 by gopherguy

I'll be starting work on a new animation in June called PRISM. The script has been finished and falls in line with much of my previous work, namely The Actor. The story explores the concepts of human interaction and connections made throughout life, through poetry and color. Stay tuned.

Title card.

A new Flash.

2008-09-23 22:39:35 by gopherguy

Starting a new project in the near future. Surrealism.